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School History


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Central School in Webb City, MO circa 1877

First Webb City Schoolhouse in 1877

The first Webb City schoolhouse was built in 1877 at the corner of Webb & Joplin (Broadway) Streets. In 1889, four more rooms were added to Central School and a high school was established, which occupied one room of the school. Originally, the high school course was only two years' work. However, by 1892 the course was extended to four years due to population growth. Until 1890, Central School was the only school in Webb City. In 1892, West Side School was built and the high school was moved there, occupying one room of the building. Two area churches were also used as high school classrooms during this time.

Central School in Webb City, MO circa 1894

Webb City Schoolhouse in 1894

In 1894, the original wood frame Central School was replaced by a brick structure and the high school returned to Central School, occupying three rooms of the new building. Central School continued to serve as the high school until 1911.

Webb City High School, 1911-1972

Webb City High School 1911-1972

In 1911, a new high school, located on Joplin Street (now Broadway) was opened and grades 9 through 12 were moved there. This building served as the high school until 1972.

Webb City High School (current facility)

Webb City High School (Current Facility)

In 1972, a new high school was built on North Madison St. (on the site of the old Hatton Athletic Field) and it is still in use today. This one-story structure has been expanded several times over the years. Notable additions include the Buck Miner Swim Center, the Ron Barton Performing Arts Center, the Ron Lankford Library Media Center, the new Cardinal Stadium, Cardinal Dome, and the Heritage Clock Tower just to name a few.

WCHS Cardinal Dome and North Entrance

WCHS Cardinal Dome and North Entrance

Cardinal Dome, which is now the main gymnasium, sits near the north entrance of the current high school. The Dome also serves as a tornado shelter for students and staff as well as the public.

WCHS Heritage Clock Tower

WCHS Heritage Clock Tower

The Heritage Clock Tower stands proudly at the southwest corner of the high school near the faculty parking lot.