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Advanced Placement Courses

Webb City High School offers the following Advanced Placement (AP) classes:

  • United States Government & Politics
  • United States History
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Literature & Composition
  • Language & Composition
  • AP Precalculus 

The curriculum is designed so that upon completion of the course a student will take the AP examination offered by The College Board.

The AP exams and course work are rigorous; however, many colleges and universities will award a student who receives a 3, 4, or 5 rating on the examination with 3 hours of college credit in specified college courses. Students are responsible for payment of the AP test and will be required to take the test if they are enrolled in an AP class. The only cost will be the exam fee, which varies from year to year. The fee is currently $87. Students who qualify for free/reduced lunches pay a reduced fee.

Taking AP courses and passing the AP exams is an excellent way to accumulate college credits at a minimal cost. As Webb City adds AP courses to its curriculum, the intent will be to add courses that are widely accepted and will meet general education requirements at most colleges. AP courses and exams are widely accepted by major colleges and universities throughout the United States; however, students must contact individual schools to determine what AP courses and scores they accept for credit.