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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

At Webb City High School, our ultimate goal is to promote the total development of the individual student so that he or she may become a useful and responsible citizen in our ever-changing society. We realize the major responsibility for formal vocational, academic, and athletic training rests with the school; however, the family, church, and community must share in the total educational process.


We realize the uniqueness of the individual and believe in the right of each person, regardless of ability or aspirations, to an education that is geared to his or her own needs in so far as the satisfaction of those needs does not interfere with the overall welfare of the group. It is important that the student be recognized for his or her own value as a human being through the academic program, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities. This recognition should encompass each facet of school and community life.


Throughout the educational process, the democratic ideals of our heritage should be stressed so that the political, social, and economic values of our society will be perpetuated. We hope this will give each student the opportunity to develop civic responsibility through awareness of and involvement in democratic processes.