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In the spring of their eighth-grade year, each student is required to develop a 4-year educational plan. The student must submit a copy signed by a parent to a counselor before he or she will be allowed to enroll. Each year, the student’s homeroom advisor will help the student to update the plan. During the February Parent/Teacher Conferences, the student’s parent(s) or guardian meets with the advisor to discuss the student's plan and a proposed schedule for the next school year. The student is not allowed to enroll for the upcoming school year until a parent/guardian has met with the homeroom advisor to discuss and approve revisions to the 4-year plan and the proposed schedule of classes.


Please use this guide to help you understand our Program of Studies.

The Program of Studies is the best source of information on academic programs WCHS offers.  Please take time to read over this document. 

Use the Master Schedule to plan your class schedule for next year.  (this version does not have the class numbers / closed classes)

Use this sheet to help plan your class schedule. The bottom of the page is a great place to list optional classes and mark what blocks are available.

If you are interested in taking an online class through Launch, please refer to this document.

If taking a Launch class, this contract must be read and signed by the student, parent/guardian, counselor, and principal before enrolling.

If you are considering being part of the MOSO CAPS program, this is the link to the application.

This is the list of classes that require teacher approval as well as the teacher's signature on the student's enrollment sheet prior to enrolling. Some of these classes also require the student to fill out an application to be considered for the class.