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Honor Diploma Requirements

Honor diplomas are granted to students who have completed all of the following requirements:

  • Attended an accredited high school for eight semesters
  • Earned a B+ cumulative GPA (3.33 on a 4-point scale) based on the first seven and one-half semesters of high school
  • Completed 20 hours of community service according to the requirements listed below.



Students seeking the Honor Diploma must complete specific hours of community service. Students must complete 10 hours during the junior year and 10 hours during the senior year. Specific requirements and procedures for this component of the honor diploma are distributed each year at enrollment meetings.


Accumulated 30 credits, which include the following specific course requirements:


COMMUNICATION ARTS --- 4 Credits The 3rd year credit is CAIII or AP Language, The 4th year credit must be from AP Lit. & Comp, or Composition 110/210

SOCIAL STUDIES --- 3 Credits including Geography/World History, Amer. Government or AP Amer. Government, Amer. Heritage or College History or AP US History

SCIENCE --- 4 Credits 3 Credits must include: Physical Science or Physics, Chemistry, & Biology, AP Biology or College Biology.  4th Credit Option: Anatomy & Physiology, College Chemistry, College Biology, AP Physics, or AP Chemistry

MATHEMATICS --- 4 Credits (The credits must include Honors Advanced Algebra, Pre-Calculus) Students who took Algebra at the junior high must take 4 levels of math during high school in order to earn an Honor Diploma.  Students who took Geometry at the 8th grade level must take College Algebra and Calculus in order to earn an Honor Diploma.


FOREIGN LANGUAGE --- 2 Credits of the same language

Students will receive weighted grade points for advanced placement courses, as well as Calculus and beyond.


This is a graduation system to recognize student achievement of top GPA students in each class.

Criteria for selection:

Summa Cum Laude – 4.0 and above

Magna Cum Laude – 3.67 - 3.99

Cum Laude – 3.33 – 3.66 

Honor Diploma requirements remain as currently used. To be recognized as a Cum Laude graduate the student must meet Honor Diploma requirements. Students who graduate early are not eligible for Cum Laude recognition at graduation ceremony. See handbook for more details.