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Returning a School Issued Device

Students are required to turn in their device, charger, and bag before they transfer out of the Webb City School District, before graduating, upon completion of credits, or upon being notified of being dropped for non-attendance. 

  • Please make sure the charger that came with the device is in the bag and all personal items have been removed before returning it to the high school. All personal items left in the bag will be trashed.
  • Student devices that are returned will be inspected for vandalism, graffiti, missing parts, and damage. Should the student incur replacement fees for missing parts or damages, an invoice will be mailed to the student's last known address and payments can be mailed back to the school or dropped off at the high school's front office. The student's new school will also be informed of the outstanding fees. 
    • Should a transferred student return to the district, any unpaid device fees will need to be paid in full before the student can receive another device.


If a school-issued device is not returned in a timely manner, we will report it as stolen to our local police department.