Tech HelpDesk

The Tech HelpDesk is located in the library.
Tech HelpDesk Office

Moving to Another District? or Graduating at Semester?
Please remember to turn in your Chromebook before you leave the district.
Make sure you have your strap and charger with the bag, have removed
all personal items from the bag, and have cleaned the device and bag.
If you leave the Webb City R7 School District without turning in your chromebook, we will report it as stolen to the local police department.

Chromebook Resources:
-  2018-19 HS and JH Student AUP & Insurance Agreement.pdf
-  2017-18 Acceptable Use Policy and Insurance Agreement pdf
-  2017-18 política de uso aceptable en espanol pdf
-  sólo permiso HS AUP 17_18 pdf
-  Welcome to Your Chromebook pdf
-  Check-in / Check-out Chromebook Procedure pdf
Proceso De Préstamo Y Devolución Del Computador Portátil pdf
-  Student Password Reset Link
-  Chromebook Tips and Troubleshooting  Google Doc
-  Semester Graduate Chromebook Roll-in Information  Google Doc
-  Senior Chromebook Roll-in Details - May  pdf
-  Google Take-Out Instructions for Seniors pdf
-  Chromebook and Bag Cleaning Instructions pdf
-  Grades 9-11 Summer and Beginning of School Chromebook Details pdf