Counselor Sponsored Clubs

If you are interested in working with younger students, you can apply for one of these clubs sponsored by the Counselor's Office. 

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior high school students apply and are selected to participate through a teacher evaluation process. They then visit 3rd and 4th grade classes in Webb City School District to talk about confidence and self-esteem, positive communication, social media interactions, peer pressure, and saying no to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

Sponsor: Leigh Miller

Link Crew
Junior and Senior volunteers attend two training sessions to prepare curriculum for freshman orientation. They then host the Freshman Orientation day and welcome all incoming freshmen by getting to know them and helping them become familiar with the building.

Sponsor: Amelia Ross

Junior and Senior volunteers in the Peer Assistance and Leadership (PALS) program visit Webb City elementary schools once per quarter to mentor selected elementary students. They get to know each other and develop a relationship to encourage the student to stay in school, get involved, and work on setting and achieving goals.

Sponsor: Hailey Roderique